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Dr. Sandro Calvani
Senior Adviser on Strategic Planning, Mae Fah Luang Foundation (under Royal Patronage), Bangkok, Thailand

Faculty Member Webster University: Humanitarian Issues in International Affairs, Masters of Arts in International Relations.

Former Director General UNICRI, Turin, Italy.

Former Executive Director, ASEAN Center of Excellence on U.N. Millennium Development Goals, and Director a.i. Human Resources Office, Asian Institute of Technology.

Member of
the Global Agenda Council on Poverty of the World Economic Forum, Davos and Dubai. » Info

Member of the Scientific Council
of the Research Institute on International Right of Peace Giuseppe Toniolo, Rome

Member of the American Association for Advancement of Science, AAAS.

Member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, ACMP.
DOB: Aug. 16, 1952, Genoa, Italy.
Married and with four children.

In July 2007 UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon appointed Mr. Sandro Calvani from Italy, as Director General of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), based in Turin, Italy with programmes in all continents.
Mr. Sandro Calvani took over the leadership of UNICRI in July 2007 and became the eighth Director to lead the Institute from its establishment in 1967. His tenure of appointment ended in April 2010. Before being appointed to UNICRI, Mr. Calvani was the Director of the UNODC Office in Colombia (2004-07).

Mr. Calvani has significant experience across a wide range of social issues, particularly in the fields of humanitarian aid, sustainable development, conflict resolution convergence of emerging threats in human security and social business applied to rural development.

In 1988 Mr. Calvani was the Founding Director of the W.H.O. Panafrican Centre for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Reduction, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 1991 Mr. Calvani became Regional Director for Inter-Agency External Coordination at the WHO Regional Office for Africa, based in Brazzaville, Congo.
In 1992 Mr. Calvani joined the United Nations. He has served the UN organization in many capacities. He was Country Director of the UNODC Office in Bolivia (1992-95) and developed the largest programme in the world in the field of alternative rural development to replace illicit crops, with a budget of US$45 million which involving some 300 collaborators around the country.
In 1995 Mr. Calvani became Director of the Barbados-based UNODC Regional Office for the Caribbean and was responsible for UN aspects of drug control coordination in 29 countries and territories in the Region. Under his leadership, UNODC facilitated the development of the first integrated Regional Drug Control Programme, endorsed and sponsored by more than 40 countries.
In 1998 Mr. Calvani served as the UNODC Representative to the Institutions of the European Union in Brussels, Belgium and in 1999 he became Director of the UNODC Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, based in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2002 he was elected Chairman of the UN Regional Hiv-AIDS policy coordination group in Asia, the largest in the world.

Before being appointed at the United Nations, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Genoa, Italy where he had previously obtained a Masters Degree and Dottorato in Biological Sciences. In 1980 he was named Chief of the Development Aid Department of Caritas, Rome, Italy. He went on to lead the Caritas International delegation at FAO, WFP and IFAD and was a member of the delegation of the Italian NGOs to the European Commission until 1985. In 1987 he was named Coordinator for the Caritas Foreign Aid Programme and was member of the Governing Board of the Development Cooperation Directorate of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

To date, Mr. Calvani has worked in 135 countries and is the author of 20 books and more than 600 articles on sustainable development, humanitarian aid, public health, convergence of emerging threats in human security.
He was a visiting scientist at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. CO. USA, at Harvard (JFK School of Government), Cambridge, MA, USA and at Louvain University in Belgium. He pursued studies in Soil Ecology at the Natural Resources Ecology Laboratory at CSU, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Conflict Resolution and Leadership in Development and has received various awards for professional excellence, in Italy and in Colombia.
Mr. Calvani speaks English, Spanish, French and his native language Italian.

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