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From ’Homo sapiens’ to ’Homo solicitus’
We talk a lot of rethinking, redesigning and rebooting the global governance for a better future of humankind.
But those perspectives are not enough: the real big change to make now is as deep as a change of species. "Homo sapiens" emerged to govern the Earth because he was able to think, he was the first intelligent animal, who could consider choices wider than just eating, surviving and reproducing himself. But the intelligence per se in times of globalization of risks is not enough. We need an intelligent being who cares of global public goods, not just as a group of smart people, but as a whole new species who decides to move beyond intelligence only, and becomes intelligent to care. In latin I would call the new emerging species as "Homo solicitus", a further natural evolution of "Homo sapiens".
There are just a few thousands of "Homo sapiens" who are so evoluted to become "Homo solicitus". Sooner or later they will lead the world and faciltate the evolution of all humankind.
If it will not happen soon, then "Homo sapiens" will disappear together with almost all what is known as outcomes of globalization.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, Summit on the Global Agenda, Dubai, 1 Dec 2010

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