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All the News about Sandro Calvani and his activities from 1997
L’Asie commence à se mobiliser contre les amphétamines, 12 May 2001
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Asians Vow To Fight Drugs. Myanmar Urges Local Strategies
Yangon (AP): Six Asian governments Friday signed agreements to fight illegal drugs jointly, as a top Myanmar leader said every country must devise its own strategy, free of foreign interference.

Mhone Shwe Yee, AP, 11 May 2001
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Asia: Un negocio mortal
Asia es hoy más vulnerable al narcotráfico.

AFP Univision Online, 11 May 2001
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Chasing the Burmese dragon
The Thaksin government is poised to launch a major anti-drug offensive against the Burmabased Wa army. It stands a real risk of failure, Don Pathan reports.

The Nation, 24 Apr 2001
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L’Asia in catene
Le economie di molti Paesi sono in ripresa, ma aumentano i bambini costretti al lavoro nero.

Famiglia Cristiana, Oct 2000
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