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Stay cool
"The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool."

William McFee, 1916
A global rule of law
"All countries have laws, we just need a law to get countries to apply their laws."

Kwang Tzu, China, Fourth century before Christ
Capitals, crimes and conflicts
"During the 28 years of my civil service in the developing world, I have witnessed tens of man made disasters, civil wars, humanitarian crisis. I have lived close to the worst horrors of humankind and I have observed the protagonists. Capitals, crimes and conflicts were always closely associated. Never one of them was missing or not prominent."

Sandro Calvani speaking at the Students Assembly, University of Magdalena, Colombia, 2006
HIV/AIDS is everybody’s business: it is about behaviour!
"In most infectious diseases in mass populations the interaction between the infecting biological agent, the host infected person, and the environment determines the development of the infection. Often in the history of pandemics which have infected the human kind, the will of people of avoiding infections was not a variable capable to save lives.
In the case of HIV/AIDS the virus does not have any way to enter a young or an adult human body unless the person willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly leave an open door for the virus to enter the body, in practice, giving the virus a permission to enter his or her body.

In the HIV/AIDS pandemics the linkage between biological agent , hosts and environment is so strong that already 10 years ago some scholars have proposed to redefine the AIDS paradigm as "collective chronic infectious desease".

Sandro Calvani, UNODC Representative for East Asia/Pacific, Bangkok, at a talk to a group of drug addicted youth, Mar 2001
Boosting drug-busters
"Small minds talk about bad guys making and trafficking synthetic drugs.

Average minds talk about tough facts on new drugs, and growing figures of addiction.

Great minds talk about drug control ideas, appropriate targets, timelines, transparent plans, on how to deal with a very complex issue.

Greatest minds are already in the streets of Asian towns listening to youth and doing something to help them."

Sandro Calvani, UNODC Representative for East Asia/Pacific, Bangkok, at a talk to a group of drug addicted youth, Mar 2001
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