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Professional Awards

In 1991 the World Health Organization awarded an accelerated promotion to Mr. Calvani (then 39 years old) to Director level for exceptional performance in change management and gender responsiveness.

In 2007 United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon awarded Mr. Calvani a UN 21 award for creativity for creating and leading (with Ms. Adriana Ruiz Restrepo) a project an awareness building soap opera on human trafficking, in partnership with the private sector in Colombia. The soap opera was then broadcasted in 43 countries.

In 2007 the President of the Republic of Colombia Alvaro Uribe awarded Mr. Calvani with the title of Commander of the Order of San Carlos for exceptional service to support the national fight against narcotrafficking and terrorism.

In 2007 the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano awarded Mr. Calvani with the title of Commander (Commendatore) of the Order Stella Italiana della Solidarietà, for exceptional performance in foreign service.

In 2008 the Chairman of the Princeton Premier honored Mr. Calvani to become one of the Members of the Princeton Premier Business Leaders and Professionals.

In 2008 The University of Argentina at Buenos Aires awarded Mr. Calvani with the John F. Kennedy Medal.

In 2010 Mr. Calvani was awarded the International Prize Artesan of Peace by Sermig, in Turin with the motivation:
"For his commitment, professional skills and experience in the world during the past three decades, alongside the most vulnerable and young people, in defense of justice, freedom, human rights and peace, without any attempt to gain the sympathies of the powerful people."
"Per il suo impegno, l’abilità professionale e l’esperienza maturata in tre decenni nel mondo, a fianco dei più deboli e dei giovani, in difesa della giustizia, della libertà, dei diritti umani e della pace, senza preoccuparsi di guadagnare le simpatie dei potenti."

In 2011 the Italian Diplomatic Academy awards the prize A Life for Humanity to Dr. Alessandro Calvani as an International Civil Servant in recognition of long career and exceptional performance in the advancement of international justice and peace and promotion of global public goods.

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